Q1.Name( First / Middle / Last ) *





Q6. Name of a haiku organization, if you belong to any, and your post in it*


Q8.Mail address .*

Q9.Web site*

Q10.Blog/Twitter/Facebook address where you can contribute you articles:
Number of access to you blog site a day

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Q11.< Questions about haiku>*

Q12.Why you wanted to take part in this project?*

Q13.When was your first encounter with haiku?*

Q14.Do you have any experiences with haiku such as getting awards, giving lectures, contributing writings, appearing on TV, participating in contests or festivals?*

Q15.How do you explain haiku to a person who knows nothing about haiku?*

Q16.How much do you know about Japanese haiku poets or history?*

Q17.What do you think of haiku in your country ?*

Q18.Do you make some haiku poems in French ? If you do, show us six best poems of yours.

Q19.Do you make haiku in English or any other language? If you do, show us some.*

Q20.How many haiku do you make a month?*

Q21.Do you some books on haiku? What are they?*

Q22.Who is your favorite haiku poet, and why?*

Q23.What is your favorite haiku and why?*

Q24.What do you expect to learn and discover on this tour?*

Q25.What is haiku to you? *

Q26.White what you know about Japan and Japanese culture.*

Q27.Can you speak Japanese? If you can, how well?*

Q28.Can you speak English? If you can, how well?*

Q29.Have you been to Japan? If you have, explain about your experiences such as how long and where.

Q30.If you are selected, what do you want to do in Shikoku? *

Q31.How did you know about this project?*

The purpose of this tour is for you to learn about Japanese haiku poets and its history, and share your precious experiences with many others in other countries including yours. We ask you to spread the charms of Shikoku on the Internet during and after the tour. If you are chosen, how are you going to contribute to this object? Write your ideas.*